How to deposit a crypto asset?

For example:

We click the Trade button in the navigation bar in Blox to view the asset information of the current account. At this time, we take BTC as an example and click fiat to start the recharge operatio

In the Deposit popup, we can see this information:

  1. Deposit address, you need to transfer BTC to this address to make a deposit;
  2. Hash code, if the wallet you use supports the scan code function
  3. History button, click to jump to the history page and view all financial records;
  4. Tip message, whether it is deposit or withdrawal, has a minimum amount, and deposit below this value will not be credit, please pay attention  

After completing the transfer, BTC assets need to wait for the Ethereum blockchain packing, which will take some time. When the Ethereum blockchain is congested, it may take a long time to wait. In History tab, we can view Ethereum Txn and BTON Txn in the and Bloxxwop block explorer by clicking 'External Tx' button and 'View' button, and we can see the information of the entire transaction process between the two blockchains.


Back to the Wallet page, the deposit is already credit.


How to withdraw crypto asset?

On the Wallet page, we can click the Withdraw button to start the withdrawal operation.

In the withdrawal popup, we can see some information:

  1. Withdrawal address, make sure you input the correct address here;
  2. Amount, how many asset you want to withdraw
  3. Tip message, withdrawal also has a minimum amount limit, below this amount will not be submitted successfully.

After successfully submitting, you can check the status of the withdrawal on the History page.